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Credit Report Toolbox for Consumers

This toolbox provides a series of questions and answers to help consumers understand what information is included in their credit file, and what rights they have under federal law concerning errors on their reports.

  1. How often should I review my credit report?

  2. What is a credit report?

  3. Why is a credit report important?

  4. Who collects and reports credit information about me?

  5. Where do credit reporting agencies get their information?

  6. Who else is allowed to see my credit report?

  7. How long does negative information stay on my credit report?

  8. What can I do if I am denied credit, insurance, or employment because of something in my credit report?

  9. What can I do if I receive less favorable credit terms because of something in my credit report?

  10. How can I opt-out of receiving unsolicited credit offers?