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How does Check 21 affect you?

Because of Check 21 and other check-system improvements, your checks may be processed faster - which means money may be deducted from your checking account faster. Before you write a check, make sure that your checking account has enough money in it to cover the check.

  1. What is Check 21 and what is its basic purpose?

  2. How will Check 21 make check processing more efficient?

  3. Is electronic check processing secure?

  4. Does Check 21 mean that customers can't get their checks back in their account statements?

  5. What changes can I expect when Check 21 goes into effect?

  6. Will Check 21 increase the speed with which checks are cleared between banks?

  7. Will Check 21 change how fast my bank must make my check deposits available for withdrawal?

  8. What is the difference between Check 21 and programs that convert checks to electronic payments?